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What Makes Bunions Painful?

  It’s hard to enjoy your day with foot pain caused by a throbbing bunion. Resting your feet won’t help, nor does changing your shoes. The bunion (or “hallux valgus”) won’t go away until you have it treated by a podiatrist who knows foot anatomy and can create the best personalized solution exclusively for you. 
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Preventing Bunion Progression

Are you worried about the effect of bunions on your ability to wear the high heels you love? Well, you aren’t alone. Bunions are among the most common foot deformities. Even the rich and famous have them! But the good news is that there are ways to stop the progression of bunions and preserve your 
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High Heels and Bunions: Seek Treatment for Bunions Now

Bunions can make it difficult to walk, run or even wear shoes. Further, for bunion sufferers, being able to wear high heels can be almost impossible. If painful bunions are making you miss out on your favorite activity, whether it’s wearing those gorgeous Christian Louboutins or participating in sports wearing even the most comfortable athletic shoes, don’t 
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The Callous Truth about Bunions

Do you have a bunion? Is it causing you grief? Well there are many facts you may not know about bunion complications and causes that can help you determine if your bunion is livable or if you need surgery. Bunions can be embarrassing, unsightly, irritating and even painful. If you have a bunion and it’s 
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3 Myths About Bunion Surgery

A bunionectomy is a standard procedure to treat bunions. But before deciding whether to undergo this procedure, it is important to learn the facts about bunion surgery so as to distinguish them from the about bunion surgery myths. As you will read below, there are many common misconceptions surrounding bunionectomies. What Are Bunions? Bunions are protruding, abnormal 
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What If I Need a Bunionectomy on Both Feet?

Opting for bunion surgery is a major decision, and often is the result of suffering from painful bunions for an extended period of time. When undergoing bunion surgery, you should factor in the recovery period and, perhaps more importantly, how to continue your daily routine during your recovery. Dr. Kamran Jamshidinia, Director of the Bunion 
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Simple Foot Treatments to Make Your Feet Beautiful & Pain-Free

As warm weather approaches this season, more people are starting to don sandals and open-toed shoes; however – for those who have unsightly, painful, or embarrassing foot conditions – this may not seem like an option. But there is no need to hide away your bunions or hammertoes in winter shoes at the beach anymore, 
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High Heels May Not Cause Bunions – Find Out What Does!

You’ve probably been told that high heels can cause bunions, and most people have accepted this as a common truth. But a new study has revealed that bunions may not, in fact, be caused by wearing high-heeled shoes, and that for the most part they are genetically inherited. The study, published in the Arthritis Care 
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Why Do Some People Get Bunions?

After weeks of discomfort, self-examination and image searches, you’re pretty certain you have the early signs of a bunion. You’ve heard of this happening to your father and even your grandmother, so you’re familiar with the tales of distress and embarrassment over the foot ache, but you’re not a dancer or a runner! And you don’t 
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Do Flip Flops Cause Bunions?

If you’re like most Angelenos, then the odds are that your shoe collection includes at least one pair of flip flops. Long considered a harmless summer fashion staple, the flip flop may actually be a serious foe to your feet. According to a recent report by Zocdoc, medical experts agree that wearing flip flops can 
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