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3 Bunion Surgery Myths You Should Know

A bunionectomy is a standard procedure to treat bunions. But before deciding whether to undergo this procedure, it is important to learn the facts about bunion surgery so as to distinguish them from the about bunion surgery myths. As you will read below, there are many common misconceptions surrounding bunionectomies. What Are Bunions? Bunions are 
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Eliminate Bunions in Time for Spring

The weather is getting warmer and you can’t wait to lose the snow boots and wear your new spring sandals – until you remember your unsightly painful bunions. If you suffer from bunions, you are not alone – around 4.4 million individuals report dealing with bunions every year. The good news is that the board-certified 
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Bunion Surgery Recovery

Ok, so you’ve had bunion surgery now what? Bunion surgery involves repair to bone, tissue and joints in an effort to realign joints, relieve pain and correct deformities. A bunionectomy, in which only the bony prominence is removed, may be used for the less severe deformity and a more extensive procedure may be used for 
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Do I Need Bunion Surgery?

Imagine this scenario: It’s a beautiful spring day in Los Angeles. The temperature is a balmy 75 degrees, and the air is crisp and dry. It’s the perfect day for a jog on the beach. However, there’s a problem with this plan. You’re experiencing severe foot pain as a result of bunions! If bunion pain 
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