Are you worried about the effect of bunions on your ability to wear the high heels you love? Well, you aren’t alone. Bunions are among the most common foot deformities. Even the rich and famous have them! But the good news is that there are ways to stop the progression of bunions and preserve your feet for the future. Treating Bunions early with modification in shoe gear coupled to corrective custom arch supports (orthotics) aimed to control abnormal foot pronation can slow bunion progression significantly.

What is a Bunionectomy?

Bunionectomy refers to a procedure done to excise, or remove, bunions. The procedure starts with sedation. A very small incision is then made along the side of the foot. The surgeon then removes the protruding part of the bone that makes up the bunion. Thereafter, your surgeon will realign the toe joint. This may involve shortening loose tendons or ligaments as well as using a very small surgical screw, pins, or plates to support the new position of the joint. After the bunionectomy, patients typically wear a protective boot for the first 4-8 weeks allowing them to bear weight immediately and walk without crutches or a cast for most patients.   Most patients resume normal footwear at approximate 6 weeks after surgery, although it may take a little longer before going back to high heels.

What Causes Bunions?

The most common cause of bunions is tendon imbalance and pronation of the foot during walking/running. This can come from many possible sources, including high heels, sandals, arthritis, genetics, and injury. Left untreated, bunions typically grow larger and more painful over time. The most common symptoms are painful feet, sore feet, a lump on the outside of the foot,  a crooked big toe joint and pain in the joint of the big toe. When left untreated the big toe joint can become arthritic.

Bunion Treatment

Are your bunions getting worse every time you wear high heels? For many people, putting off bunion surgery for too long could actually mean permanent damage to you feet, resulting in the inability to wear high heels ever again. The good news, however, is that once the surgery is completed 95% of bunionectomy patients say they’re satisfied with the results. Most of these patients also feel a dramatic decrease in the amount of foot pain they experience. And with time, the majority of them are able to resume the activities they used to enjoy.

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