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What is a bunion (or a bunyon or bunionette)? What is bunion surgery? Millions of Americans ask these questions, and the Bunion Center of Excellence is 100% committed to the treatment and management of bunions to get you back on your feet ASAP!

Meet Dr. Jamshidinia

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Dr. Jamshidinia and the rest of the podiatry team at La Peer Health Systems’ Bunion Center of Excellence are highly experienced at treating this painful and disfiguring foot condition. Meet Dr. Jamshidinia!

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Patients are treated at our technologically advanced out-patient surgical facility, using the most minimally-invasive techniques available. To schedule your bunion consultation, contact us at (888) 552-9732 or fill out our online contact form.

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The Bunion Center of Excellence Donates to Limbs for Life

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Giving Back to the Community

As part of our commitment to helping the larger community, part of our proceeds go to Limbs for Life.

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The Bunion Center of Excellence has the highest accreditations.