bunion before and after los angelesIf you’re unlucky enough to suffer from bunions, you know what a profound influence they can have on your daily life. Not only do bunions cause pain while walking, exercising and performing other activities, but they can also make you feel self-conscious about displaying your feet in open-toe shoes. When left untreated, bunions can lead to other complications as well. If you’re suffering from foot bunions, it’s important to see a podiatrist before the condition worsens and you develop other complications associated with bunions.

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Untreated Bunions

Bunions tend to worsen with time, and if the fluid sac covering the joint in question becomes inflamed, the bunion will likely become more painful. Known as bursitis, this condition may further limit your ability to perform desired tasks like walking or running. For this reason, it’s important to seek treatment for bunions when they are still in their early stages.

As bunions remain untreated, other foot-related complications may occur. Because the bunion often rubs against the shoe, patients may develop corns, calluses and other skin irritations. Greater pressure from the big toe on the other toes of the foot can also result in ingrown toenails. In severe cases, bunions can lead to hammer toe, which is a condition in which an enlarged middle toe joint causes the toe to bend in a downward direction. Over time, patients may even lose feeling and mobility in the foot.

Seeking treatment for your bunions when they are in their early stages not only reduces your risk of encountering these potentially debilitating complications, but it also may prevent you from needing more invasive treatments.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can untreated bunions change the shape of my foot?

A: Yes! If left untreated, a bunion may eventually alter the overall shape of your foot, increasing the width where the bunion protrudes.

Q: Will I have trouble finding shoes?

A: Over time, bunions can widen the foot so finding comfortably fitting shoes is more difficult.

Q: What will happen if I develop bursitis?

A: If the bursa, or fluid sac over the affected joint, becomes inflamed, you may experience severe pain and even an inability to walk.

Q: Will the doctor definitely recommend surgery for my bunion?

A: Not necessarily. When a bunion is in its early stages, doctors have more options for treatment. That’s why it’s important to see a podiatrist right away.

Q: Why are bunions especially dangerous for diabetics?

A: When bunions become inflamed, ulcers can form. Ulcers pose an exceptional risk for patients with diabetes, as these individuals may have trouble detecting the ulcer and infection.


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